Kollmorgen Expands AKD2G Versatility with Launch of New Synchronized Communication Protocols

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Kollmorgen (Radford, VA) announced the latest update to its AKD2G servo drive. With the introduction of these new features, Kollmorgen has broadened its offerings to additionally support PROFINET IRT and Ethernet/IP with CIP Sync alongside CANopen, EtherCAT and FSoE time-synchronized communication protocols.


  • Allows for synchronized motion between multiple drives using variety of control architectures.
  • Ideal drive for use in applications that require highly precise coordination across multiple axes of motion 
  • Power density in compact package
  • Easy to mount
  • One and two-axis variants available
  • Ability to leverage single-cable Smart Feedback Device (SFD) or HIPERFACE DSL connections or choose from range of other feedback devices
  • Optional SafeMotion Monitor (SMM) firmware with safety level of SIL3/PLe to meet functional safety needs and enable wider range of applications 

The AKD2G paired with AKM2G motors is part of the 2G Motion System, a suite of motion products designed to work together for ultimate ease of setup and higher performance. Engineers also can take advantage of the drive’s compatibility with a wider range of controllers and feedback devices — or with other motors, as needed.

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