Doomsday Plane Deal; Smelly Beermaker; Tesla Layoffs | Today in Manufacturing Ep. 169

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Every week, we cover the five biggest stories in manufacturing, and the implications they have on the industry moving forward. This week:

Report: Tyson Dumping Millions of Pounds of Waste Into U.S. Waterways

In a statement provided to IEN, Tyson said it uses a “robust management system to mitigate environmental risks and impact, and we strive to run our operations as responsible stewards of our natural resources” 

Boeing Says Workers Falsified 787 Inspection Records

On Monday, the FAA said it has opened another investigation into Boeing after the company reported that workers at a South Carolina plant falsified inspection records on 787 planes. 

Tesla Laid Off its EV Charging Division. Other Automakers Are Worried

Nearly every automaker selling EVs in the U.S. has signed up to join Tesla’s Supercharger network. So, many were troubled when Elon Musk laid off the department responsible for Tesla’s EV chargers.

Beermaker to Be Fined Daily Over Rotten Egg Smell

For nearly 10 years, residents in La Crosse, Wisconsin, have smelled rotten eggs because of a leak in a containment vessel in the City Brewing Company’s bioreactor has been belching hydrogen sulfide into the air. 

Air Force Awards $13B for New Fleet of ‘Doomsday Planes’ 

The Air Force needs to replace its aging fleet of Boeing E-4B Nightwatch aircraft also known as “Doomsday Planes” However, when selection time came, the service picked Sierra Nevada, a 60-year-old aerospace company based in Nevada. 

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Microsoft to Invest $3.3 Billion to Build Cloud Computing, AI Infrastructure in Wisconsin

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