IEA: Methane emissions expected to decline soon

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Methane emissions from fossil fuels, despite a minor uptick in 2023, are anticipated to decrease in the near future, according to a recent analysis by the International Energy Agency (IEA).

The IEA’s latest findings, released in their Global Methane Tracker report, reveal that emissions from the energy sector lingered close to record levels in 2023, totalling nearly 120 million tonnes, with an additional ten million tonnes attributed to bioenergy.

The top 10 emitting countries accounted for approximately 80 million tonnes of fossil fuel-related methane emissions, with the US, Russia and China leading the pack in respective sectors.

Satellite data highlighted a significant increase in major fossil fuel leaks in 2023, including emissions from a prolonged well blowout in Kazakhstan.

Despite these challenges, efforts to curb methane emissions are intensifying, particularly following commitments made at COP28.

Nearly 200 governments pledged to substantially reduce methane emissions by 2030, with additional regulatory initiatives announced by key players like Canada, the EU and the US.

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