Black cabs and InstaVolt push for lower VAT on public charging

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Black cab drivers in London are teaming up with InstaVolt, a leading rapid charging network, to advocate for a reduction in VAT on public charging points.

The initiative aims to facilitate the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) and address challenges faced by drivers in adopting cleaner transportation options.

Currently, nearly 60% of London‘s approximately 15,000 black cabs are zero emission capable electric taxis.

The Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA), representing the majority of black cab drivers in the city, asserts that lowering VAT on public charging to 5% and enhancing access to rapid chargers, particularly through superhubs like InstaVolt’s, could accelerate the shift towards an all-electric fleet.

InstaVolt recently unveiled its largest ultra-rapid EV charging superhub in the capital, located at historic Syon Park in Brentford.

This 14-charger superhub aims to address the scarcity of rapid chargers in London, catering not only to black cab drivers but also to the broader EV community.

To support the campaign for reduced VAT on public charging, InstaVolt is temporarily reducing charging costs by 15% at its London chargers, effectively aligning with the 5% VAT rate applicable to home chargers.

The push for lower VAT on public charging points reflects the broader imperative for increased support and infrastructure for EV adoption, especially among drivers who lack access to off-street parking for home charging.

Simon Smith, InstaVolt’s Chief Commercial Officer, said: “We are delighted to be supporting the black cab drivers in their fight for lower prices for on-street public charging by self-removing 15% of our charging cost, effectively leaving a 5% element inline with the VAT for home charging.”  

Transport campaigner and original Top Gear presenter Quentin Willson is the founder of FairCharge, which argues VAT needs to be cut on public EV charging.

Quentin Willson said: “FairCharge has campaigned for three years repeatedly asking the Treasury to cut the VAT on public EV charging and help reduce costs for those electric car drivers who can’t charge at home.

“Affordability is one of the key levers to mass EV adoption.”

Edmund King, AA President, said: “It is unfair that black cab drivers, and others without access to off-street parking, should pay four times as much VAT on charging as those fortunate enough to be able to charge at home.

“We are pleased that InstaVolt are supporting the campaign for change.”

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