Automotive Work Experience Week to target industry worsening skills gap

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The Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI), School of Thought Automotive and Autotech Academy are launching the first Automotive Work Experience Week between 15-19 April.

Designed to tackle the current 22,000+ skills gap in automotive, the inaugural Automotive Work Experience Week (AWE24) will see automotive employers encouraged to sign up to offer a week’s placement for at least one young person during 2024.

The collaboration between the IMI, School of Thought Automotive and Autotech Academy will showcase the wealth of career opportunities the sector has to offer, as well as feature work experience journeys from leading industry figures.

By encouraging employers to offer a week’s work placement, AWE24 will help youngsters making further education decisions gain invaluable insights into automotive as well as tackle any misperceptions.

While emphasising the pivotal role of work experience in nurturing young talent and addressing the industry’s skills gap, AWE24 will also provide another platform to highlight the diverse career paths available within the automotive sector.

“In today’s fast-changing automotive world, the importance of attracting and retaining young talent cannot be overstated. Yet the automotive sector is steeped in myths and misperceptions, with many believing there are limited career opportunities,” comments Joanna Hollingdale, IMI careers & inclusion manager.

“Through AWE24, our united aim is to change this narrative and showcase automotive as an innovative, diverse, and exciting career route to attract a new generation. We need to work collaboratively as an industry to attract young people before they enter further education. Work experience is a vital way to achieve this. We are, therefore, urging as many organisations as possible to sign up and commit to offering at least one young person one week’s work experience placement during 2024.”

The IMI and Autotech Academy have united with School of Thought Automotive to directly connect school-age children, schools, and guardians with employers. At the heart of AWE24 lies the mission to connect school pupils with the automotive sector and showcase it as an exciting career route. Providing hands-on work experience will be critical to changing the perception of the industry amongst young people.

School of Thought Automotive was established in 2019 as a not-for-profit organisation to elevate the profile of the automotive industry in school years 9-10/11, targeting pupils, parents, and educational institutions.

The IMI works with educators, adult guardians, schools, and students to identify the immense career opportunities available in automotive. Autotech Group provides a valuable pathway for newly qualified college leavers in securing their first automotive job through its Autotech Academy’s internship initiative.

For more information about Automotive Work Experience Week (AWE 24) and how to get involved, please visit Work Experience – Automotive School of Thought.


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