Flexxbotics Announces Multi-Factory Robot-Driven Manufacturing with Autonomous Process Control

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Flexxbotics announced the immediate availability of the latest release of the Flexxbotics solution. Flexxbotics’ new release includes powerful multi-factory capabilities for large scale deployments along with enhanced functionality for in-line inspection, IT business system integration, analytics and support for mobile tablets and smartphones.

With this new version of the Flexxbotics solution, global companies can implement advanced robotic machine tending that enables autonomous process control at scale across multiple sites to increase capacity, production yields and EBITDA profitability. 


The Flexxbotics solution enables continuous operation of unattended robot+machine+inspection workcells with greater throughput, quality and safety. Flexxbotics robotic workcell digitalization is the backbone of the smart factory delivering robot-driven manufacturing with autonomous process control. Flexxbotics SaaS/hybrid solution seamlessly connects, coordinates and orchestrates robots with existing automation equipment, IT systems and people to revolutionize the use of robotics in complex production operations. Flexxbotics modern architecture runs both online and offline so that production continues regardless of internet access.


  • Multi-Factory Power – Control room dashboards for visibility and command of robot-enabled workcells across your factory footprint
  • In-Line Inspection Performance – Inspection results driving real-time updates to machinery program off-sets for precision quality
  • Business System Integrations – Open connectivity with SAP, Oracle, Siemens and numerous other existing systems for comprehensive process integration
  • Expanded Analytics – Even more dashboards, KPIs, reports and analytic capabilities for ongoing analysis and factory workcell optimization
  • Secure Mobile Tablet and Smartphone Access – See robotic production status, alerts and trends on your mobile devices to assure manufacturing output worldwide


The latest release of the Flexxbotics solution provides enterprise control across multiple sites for robots+CNC machines operating simultaneously in “lights-out” manufacturing. Dashboard cockpits enable fleets of production robots/cobots connected to a wide range of workcell machines with compatibility extending to over a 1000 different makes and models of CNCs and inspection equipment, as well as, other factory machinery such as additive manufacturing machines and laser markers.

At the center of the Flexxbotics solution for robot-driven manufacturing is the breakthough FlexxCORE technology. The patent-pending FlexxCORE is the unique software infrastructure inside the Flexxbotics solution that enables robot+machine interoperability. FlexxCORE is a low-code environment for composing and running connectors that includes a highly secure, high-performance run-time framework for connectivity and communication between robots and all different types of factory assets.


With the latest release of Flexxbotics companies can take advantage of new capabilities for including in-line inspection in robotic workcells. Now, Flexxbotics takes automated inspection results for each part, runs statistical process control (SPC) in real-time and instructs the robots to sort nonconformances and perform rework, as well as, the option to make autonomous updates to the CNC machines’ programs. The closed-loop autonomy is the critical capability that enables autonomous process control.

The inspection equipment can be included in-line – such as probes, vision systems, lasers and Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) – with the robots using inspection results to make real-time modifications to off-set parameters/variables/macros in the CNC programs to adjust for processing changes, tool wear and other factors. With real-time capabilities Flexxbotics enables robotic production autonomy on the most complex geometry parts with the highest levels of precision for improved yields and greater profit per part.


The latest Flexxbotics release also includes additional IT business system connectivity capabilities for expanded digital process integration. Flexxbotics’ modern architecture works with a wide range of existing systems including ERP/MRP, MES, QMS, PLM/PDM, DNCs, CAD/CAM, SCADA/HMI, IIoT, custom systems and others. In addition, the new release has additional analytics dashboards for OEE, Utilization, Downtime Reasons, Part Throughput, Cycle Performance, Yield, Failure Reasons and more along with additional REST API capabilities for corporate business intelligence tools to enable comprehensive production analysis and factory workcell optimization.


Flexxbotics latest release includes secure access to mobile-enabled functionality with progressive web application capabilities. Now, manufacturing executives can see robotic production as it occurs in factories around the world from phones and tablets anywhere. Trend data and dashboard visibility provide real-time status with output and quality metrics. Downtime alerts and escalations can be either text messages, email notifications or both with clickable links to go straight to the issue. Flexxbotics works on all Windows, iOS and Android devices including ruggedized smart devices.


Whether rolling out production robotic automation across a multi-site smart factory environment or robot-enabling a single workcell, the Flexxbotics solution provides flexible deployment options to fit any strategic robotic automation roadmap. The Flexxbotics solution can be implemented in multiple factories at scale or individual workcells one-by-one to avoid manufacturing interruptions, risk and disruption. In addition, Flexxbotics professionals provide turn-key services for the new Flexxbotics solution to ensure successful deployment and optimized operation. 

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