Universal Robots Expands Partnership with MathWorks

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Universal Robots, the Danish collaborative robot company, announced an expansion to its partnership with MathWorks, a developer of mathematical computing software, by joining the Mathworks Connections Program.

The program supports organizations that develop and distribute complementary, commercially available products, training, and consulting based on MATLAB and Simulink. Last year, MathWorks became a UR+ partner within the Universal Robots ecosystem, consisting of more than 300-plus approved developer companies creating products for the UR platform.

The two companies have already worked closely together, co-developing a support package for Robotics System Toolbox, launched in 2023. Engineers can design, simulate, test and deploy their MATLAB-based cobot applications onto Universal Robots cobots using MATLAB and Robotics System Toolbox from MathWorks.

“In conjunction with MathWorks joining UR+, Universal Robots’ entry into the Connections Program formalizes the organizations’ commitment to helping engineers develop advanced cobot applications and ensures compatibility with new MathWorks releases,” said Jim Tung, MathWorks Fellow.

Universal Robots also partnered with MathWorks to organize the Autonomous Robot Manipulation Challenge this July in Eindhoven, Netherlands, as an affiliated event to RoboCup 2024.

The ARM Challenge is an educational, scientific competition that asks young researchers and students to address problems related to autonomous robot manipulation, organized by RoboCup and MathWorks since 2021. As a co-organizer in 2024, Universal Robots will provide its UR5e robots to be used by participants for the final rounds of the competition.

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