One in five MoT testers down to the wire with DVSA assessment deadline

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One in five MoT testers have left it to the final week to pass their assessment in the face of being suspended by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Association (DVSA) from testing.

While 80% of MoT testers have completed this year’s annual training and assessment ahead of the deadline, the remaining 20% have left it to the last week.

There has been a push by the industry for reaccreditation as the IMI revealed back in January that three-quarters of testers had not completed their annual assesment.

MOT testers are now required to submit a recent basic DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check if they are returning after being lapsed or suspended from testing.

The DVSA said: “We would advise doing it sooner rather than leaving it until the deadline and risking being suspended from testing.”

The DVSA said testers who do not successfully complete the annual assessment and have it recorded against their profile by March 31 will have their testing status switched to suspended.

The DVSA said those testers that become suspended and that wish to resume testing will need to submit a basic DBS check, they will also need to complete the current MoT annual training, MoT annual assessment and successfully complete a demonstration test with a DVSA vehicle examiner.

New testers are not required to complete the annual assessment or record annual training within the current year (April 1 to March 31) of a successful demonstration test unless they become lapsed.

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