‘Offshore wind farms could have averted Fukushima disaster’

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A review conducted by researchers at the University of Surrey has concluded that offshore wind farms could have averted the Fukushima nuclear disaster by maintaining the cooling systems and preventing a meltdown.

The study highlights that wind farms are less vulnerable to earthquakes than nuclear power plants.

Suby Bhattacharya, Professor of Geomechanics at the University of Surrey, emphasised that wind power provides abundant clean energy and can enhance the safety and reliability of other facilities.

The review indicates that wind energy is now more cost-effective due to reduced construction costs and improved methods to minimise environmental impact.

The report finds that new wind farms can produce energy at a significantly lower cost than new nuclear power stations.

In the UK, the lifetime cost of generating wind power has dropped from £160/MWh to £44/MWh, covering all expenses from planning to decommissioning.

Professor Bhattacharya said: “What makes wind so attractive is that the fuel is free, and the cost of building turbines is falling. There is enough of it blowing around the world to power the planet 18 times over.

“Our report shows the industry is ironing out practical challenges and making this green power sustainable, too.”

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