New Brindley Group dealership launches with Omoda and Jaecoo cars

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Brindley Group has entered into a new partnership with Chinese manufacturers Omoda and Jaecoo, bringing the brands’ new models to its Cannock dealership.

The brands, which are subsidiaries of Chery, will offer a range of electric and petrol models focusing on urban crossover SUVs including the petrol Omoda 5 and plug-in hybrid Jaecoo 7.

The Omoda 5 is a mid-size SUV, similar to the Hyundai Kona or Nissan Qashqai. Omoda will have electric and petrol variants of the 5 available from launch, including the Omoda 5 EV with a 61kWh battery and a range up to 273 miles.

UK customers are offered a 7-year warranty with the new Omoda 5, and an 8-year battery warranty. The expected starting price for the Omoda 5 will be around £25,000, with the electric version likely to cost around £5,000 more.

The four-wheel-drive Jaecoo 7 is a more premium offering, aiming to rival Mercedes and BMW and launching as a plug-in hybrid.

Brindley Group chairman, Che Watson said: “We’re incredibly proud and excited to be introducing our partnerships with innovative brands like Omoda and Jaecoo. This is a great demonstration of our commitment to making sustainable vehicles more accessible for our customers. We’re looking forward to the road ahead as we continue to work with these new manufacturers.”

Brindley Group has entered a partnership with both brands to bring the vehicles to the UK market at its Cannock dealership.

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