MPs unveil blueprint for net zero shipping

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The Environmental Audit Committee has today unveiled a report outlining strategies to achieve net zero emissions in the UK’s maritime sector.

Following an inquiry launched in March 2021, the committee has put forth a series of recommendations aimed at decarbonising civil aviation and shipping, two of the nation’s most challenging industries to transition towards sustainability.

Key among the recommendations is a call for the government to issue an updated Clean Maritime Plan within three months of the 2024 Parliament’s State Opening.

The report also urges the urgent assessment of implementing a voyage-based measure to track the UK’s contribution to international shipping emissions.

Additionally, the committee suggests setting interim emission targets aligned with carbon budget requirements and the overarching 2050 net zero goal.

Furthermore, the report emphasises the importance of providing clear support signals to the UK maritime sector, including reviewing funding perspectives for decarbonisation efforts and extending research and development funding until at least 2030.

MPs also advocate for the development of a strategy to bolster the production of zero-emission marine fuels, accompanied by a detailed plan with production milestones and proposes the consultation on introducing a revenue support mechanism to incentivise commercial production of such fuels.

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