How do we avoid a gloomy future for European Manufacturing

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Joint Press Release: AEGIS Europe & industriAll Europe warn about the gloomy future of manufacturing in Europe and propose ways to combat growing deindustrialisation and ensure good industrial jobs in the EU

Today, AEGIS Europe and industriAll Europe jointly hosted their event Manufacturing Europe’s Future: How to combat growing deindustrialisation and ensure good industrial jobs? To debate the pressing issue of Europe’s rapidly declining industrial output and the need for strategic action to revitalise the manufacturing sector and secure jobs in Europe.The representatives of the industry and trade unions were happy to welcome DG GROW’s Director General Kerstin Jorna & DG TRADE’s Deputy Director General Leopoldo Rubinacci and about 150 participants.

The long and short-term figures assessing the performance of EU manufacturing clearly show a strong erosion of competitiveness. For almost all industrial sectors, there is a rapidly increasing reliance on imports and declining export opportunities. Overcapacities, particularly in emerging economies with lower ESG standards compared to Europe, are growing. 

“This trend is particularly alarming, not only within the sectors represented by AEGIS Europe but also in other sectors. They all are essential to achieve the objectives of the EU Green Deal and ensure our economic security”, commented Inès Van Lierde, co-chair of AEGIS Europe.

The decline in European employment figures, production curtailments and closures, most of them definitive, due to high-cost levels – notably the sky-rocketing energy prices – underscore the urgency of implementing a comprehensive industrial policy at the EU level.

“Europe needs an Industrial Deal to complement the Green Deal. Public and private investment, social conditionalities and regulatory coherence are essential for maintaining a strong industrial base on the continent and for keeping and creating good industrial jobs”, commented Judith Kirton-Darling, General Secretary at industriAll Europe.

Moreover, enhancing trade policy is equally crucial to restoring Europe’s competitiveness: effective trade defence measures are necessary to counter unfair trade practices and safeguard European industries. The collapse of the solar panel industry in Europe due to years of aggressive dumping from China serves as a reminder of the consequences of inaction. 

“The EU must adopt a more strategic and comprehensive approach to revitalise and secure a stronger future for its manufacturing sector. This involves implementing robust trade and industrial policies aimed at restoring fair competition and preserving the Union’s leadership in the global marketplace”, remarked Renaud Batier, co-chair of AEGIS Europe.

The event highlighted the critical need for immediate action to prevent further deindustrialisation and promote a sustainable industrial renaissance in Europe. As the EU moves to the next political cycle, it is imperative for policymakers to prioritise the development and implementation of effective industrial and trade policies to secure the future of European manufacturing.

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