Evolve Dynamics, Doodle Labs Partner on SKY MANTIS 2

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LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES — Innovative British UAS manufacturer Evolve Dynamics and leading mesh networking technology provider Doodle Labs today announced a continuation of their partnership and the integration of Doodle Labs’ Helix Mesh Rider Radios as the on-board datalink in the new generation of Evolve Dynamics’ flagship platform, SKY MANTIS 2.

The integration secures resilient connectivity, full data encryption and advanced interference-avoidance for the SKY MANTIS 2, which has been thoroughly field-tested in highly-contested airspace in support of Ukrainian defense forces in the face of active Russian jamming attempts.


The result of a dedicated programme of R&D and close collaboration with end users across sectors, SKY MANTIS 2 has the Doodle Labs Helix Mesh Rider Radio fitted as standard, offering resilient long-range communications with 256-bit AES software data encryption and the ability to transmit reliably two simultaneous video streams (HD daylight and thermal), telemetry and C&C all at once across the same datalink.

The Helix Mesh Rider Radio is tailor-made for defense use cases, having been developed with sponsorship from the US Department of Defense’s Defense Innovation Unit, and is on the Blue UAS program’s Cleared List for components.


SKY MANTIS 2 delivers ultimate resilience, enhanced power and next-level imaging coupled with all the benefits customers expect from Evolve Dynamics, including extreme weather operability, tethered flight, rapid deployment and swappable, quick-release payloads.

Operators in contested environments will find in SKY MANTIS 2 a wealth of must-have features, including Sense, the latest anti-jamming technology from Doodle Labs, improved GPS signal from upgraded GNSS modules, and an ultra high resolution 61MP camera for unmatched surveillance.

SKY MANTIS 2 also benefits from market-leading extreme weather operability, withstanding winds up to 46 mph / 75 kmph, heavy rain, and temperatures from -30°C to +50°C. The NDAA-compliant UAS also has the ability to fly on the Infinity Tether for up to 48 hours, be deployed in under 60 seconds, and perform a range of functions with modular task-specific payloads including thermal imaging, MWIR, IMSI Catcher and HD 30X zoom low light EO.


– Ultimate resilience
A Doodle Labs Helix Mesh Rider radio is integrated as standard, bringing the benefit of extensive front-line testing to deliver industry-leading resilience.

– Enhanced power
A new, upgraded propulsion system offers best-ever reliability and stabilisation in flight, with the power to lift up to 2kg extra weight payload.

– Next-level imaging
A new daylight 30X zoom HD camera offers elevated image stabilisation for superior focus.

– Better user safety and comfort
The option to fit an external radio enables operation at a safe distance from detection and achieves better range with aerial mounted on a tripod or vehicle.

– Improved navigation
Upgraded GNSS modules deliver greater resilience and signal strength for GPS.

Evolve Dynamics’ CEO, Mike Dewhirst, commented: “We are excited to bring SKY MANTIS 2 to the market, marking a significant step forward in UAV technology and capability. Doodle Labs’ advanced networking capabilities contribute greatly to the new platform’s performance,” said Dewhirst. “The resiliency of their Helix Mesh Rider Radio, particularly when confronted with active jamming efforts, is a big reason why we are so confident in the value that SKY MANTIS 2 can bring to the intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations of government agencies, armed forces, security organisations, police forces and public safety groups.”

“We are excited to continue our meaningful collaboration with Evolve Dynamics and proud to continue to support Ukranian defense forces, along with important groups in many other sectors, with the launch of the SKY MANTIS 2,” said Doodle Labs Co-CEO Ashish Parikh. “The many logistical demands and technical challenges in Ukraine seem to shift by the week, especially around active jamming by Russia, so it’s more important than ever for us to innovate alongside groups like Evolve Dynamics and quickly deliver solutions that work.”

About Evolve Dynamics
Evolve Dynamics is a UK-based UAV/UAS design and manufacturing company that provides aircraft and software solutions to customers across industries, including public safety, defence, and infrastructure. Evolve Dynamics’ mission is to find solutions to real-world problems through UAV technology, focusing on user needs and contributing to a better future. Evolve Dynamics was founded in 2014 and has teams in the UK and Ukraine, with global reach.

Discover more about SKY MANTIS 2 at https://evolvedynamics.com/sky-mantis-2/.

For more information visit https://evolvedynamics.com.

About Doodle Labs
Doodle Labs designs and produces industrial-grade wireless networking solutions. The company focuses on mesh networking for robotic systems, providing high throughput, long-range Mesh Rider solutions for UAVs, UGVs, AMRs, connected teams, government/defense, private wireless and other applications. The company’s Helix Mesh Rider Radio was developed with sponsorship from DIU and is the Blue UAS program’s datalink of choice. Doodle Labs was named to Fast Company’s list of “The World’s Most Innovative Companies of 2024,” checking in at no. 2 in the Robotics category.
Doodle Labs was founded in 1999 and has offices in the United States and Singapore. For more information, visit http://www.doodlelabs.com

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