Dealers can step up their customer communications to win more car sales

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The challenges facing automotive retailers remain immense, making factors within the retailer’s control – essentially the customer experience and retention – all the more critical in the pursuit of business success.

Not surprising, then, that customer relationship management (CRM) continues to grow in stature and effective post-purchase communications could make all the difference when it comes to aftersales choices and, eventually, when it comes to replacing the vehicle.

Heather Scutchings, chief executive of MGS, says: “Working smarter, not harder, should be a cornerstone of CRM activity.”

Robust data, including a single view of the customer, can automate and systematically convert as many of the routine processes as possible such as test drive follow-ups and service reminders; use customer behavioural analytics to identify when customers engage and trigger communications accordingly; and focus the sales team on leads with the most potential to convert not caught by automated marketing.

Scutchings says: “Without robust data, contacting the right customer with the right information at the right time to drive bookings or sales can be impossible. And there’s evidence the UK dealer network still has work to do to get its data in shape.”

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