‘World’s first’ wooden wind turbine blades installed

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German manufacturer Voodin Blade Technology has announced the world’s first prototype installation of 19.3-metre wooden wind turbine blades on an existing turbine in Breuna, Germany.

These blades, made of laminated veneer lumber (LVL), offer a more sustainable alternative to current materials and boast better recycling capabilities, automation and flexibility.

While wind energy plays a pivotal role in transitioning away from fossil fuels, the challenge lies in making its production as sustainable as possible, particularly in addressing the recycling issue of fibreglass and epoxy resin blades.

Voodin Blade Technology’s solution aims to tackle this problem by utilising wood, a highly durable material and implementing CNC milling technology for automation and flexibility.

Jorge Castillo, Co-Founder at Voodin Blade Technology, said: “According to all our tests, our blades are even more durable than the existing fibreglass blades, as they show fewer fatigue characteristics and are proven to endure all kinds of onshore weather conditions extremely well.”

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