What are the barriers to electrification for UK organisations?

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Yet over half of businesses haven’t installed any charge points to date. Research from Drax into the state of fleet electrification in the UK studied the factors preventing organisations from taking the plunge.

Financial implications, fears relating to tech-suitability and competence, and concerns over derailing day-to-day operations were the most common barriers.

Money matters

25% of respondents cited ‘cost’ as the primary barrier to electric vehicle (EV) investment and over half listed it in their top three blockers. A third of responses featured the ‘current economic climate’ as one of the biggest obstacles.

But it isn’t just the lack of capital that’s preventing UK organisations from electrifying. Others specified the costs and uncertainty related to operating vehicles within London’s Ultra Low Emissions Zone as a worry. And a quarter of businesses mentioned ‘insufficient government support’ among their highest three barriers – though, interestingly, one in three respondents weren’t aware of the support that is available.

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