Warranty Administration Services Celebrates 40 Years as Market Leaders

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As the experts in self-funded warranty and partner of choice to leading franchised motor dealers since 1984, Warranty Administration Services are celebrating their 40th year anniversary as market leaders. Four decades of commitment, innovation and dedication to their Dealer Partners and customers have brought them to this milestone.

Warranty Administration Services began supplying self-funded and aftercare solutions to leading franchised dealers. Originally based in Manchester, since then the team has more than doubled in size and established their headquarters in the heart of Lincoln. Over the years, they have evolved into a trusted market leader, providing exceptional services and solutions to their valued clients.

In 2023 alone, Warranty Administration Services returned £2.9 million in expired profit to dealers. This figure demonstrates their proficiency in maximising their Dealer Partners’ revenue streams and ensuring the shared success of the businesses.

Navigating the complexity of claims administration requires precision and efficiency. With over 10,000 claims administered, highlighting their capability to handle high volumes while still upholding their high standards. Their claims process provides their Dealer Partners with flexibility and resolution to provide goodwill or override rejections to exceed customer satisfaction levels.

Throughout the 40 years, they have consistently embraced adapting their solutions and technologies to ensure innovation is at the core of their work. Their reporting software provides information for their clients on where their money is being spent, and provides data to influence future vehicles to avoid, preparation concerns, and any early claims issues.

More recently, they have supported their Dealer Partner, Palmers Motor Group, through IT integrations with their Dealer Management System (DMS) and Warranty Administration Services’ dealer portal WarrantyLogix.

This collaboration enables Palmers Motor Groups’ sites to effortlessly set up Service Plan contracts on their DMS, streamlining the process and enhancing overall operational efficiency. This integration enables a swift and error-free transfer of crucial information, ensuring accuracy and reliability in managing service plans, without dual input or extra resource.

Warranty Administration Services maintains long-lasting relationships with their partnerships; their 0.88% attrition rate in 2023 is a testament to the trust and satisfaction their clients place in their services.

Warranty Administration Services understand that their success is only tangible with the success of their clients. Over the last 40 years they have created lasting partnerships with their valued Dealer Partners including multi-franchise dealership, Hendy Group.

For over three decades, Hendy Group and Warranty Administration Services have worked together to facilitate profitability from their vehicle sales’ quality. The Warranty Administration Services team have become an integral extension of the Hendy workforce and are dedicated to aligning with the Hendy Group core values, underpinning the exceptional service Hendy enjoy.

With over 91,000 customer warranties registered, £10 million in managed warranty funding, and nearly 19,000 warranty claims expertly handled across 60 Hendy Group dealerships, this partnership has not only generated £4.3 million in expired warranty profit for Hendy Group but has empowered them with financial control.

The professional team at Warranty Administration Services are an essential part of maintaining a successful organisation. They provide a culture of excellence that encourages teamwork, compliance, and continuous improvement.

As Warranty Administration Services celebrates their 40th anniversary, they look forward to the exciting future that lies ahead for the team. The evolving industry will present new opportunities that Warranty Administration Services will embrace with the same level of innovation and dedication that they have presented over the last 40 years.

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