UK struggles behind Europe in smart meter race

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Recent analysis conducted by LCP Delta highlights disparities between Britain and its European counterparts in deploying electricity smart meters.

While the UK has progressed in installing these meters in domestic properties, data indicates it trails several European nations in achieving widespread adoption.

Government statistics reveal that approximately 36% of UK households lack electricity smart meters, raising concerns about meeting national targets.

Comparative data from European countries shows varying levels of progress in smart meter deployment, with France leading at nearly 93% of homes equipped, followed by Spain and Italy.

In contrast, Germany lags due to a delayed rollout, while Britain falls short despite efforts to engage customers through a retailer-led approach.

The analysis underscores the crucial role of customer engagement in achieving widespread adoption of smart meters.

While Britain performs comparatively well in customer engagement, the overall rollout encounters significant challenges.

The report suggests that successful engagement strategies are influenced by the approach to rollout programmes, whether mandated or opt-in.

Addressing barriers to further rollout in the UK is essential to prevent missing national targets and maximise smart grid benefits.

Recommendations include raising awareness through targeted communication, offering attractive propositions to consumers, ensuring government accountability and addressing data privacy concerns.

Yselkla Farmer, Chief Executive Officer of BEAMA commented: “It is critical that we complete the smart meter rollout in the UK and engage all customers in a fair and equitable flexibility market.

“We have seen some metering businesses exit the UK market, but if we capitalise on the groundwork laid, re-establish momentum and engage consumers, other companies in the wider low carbon tech market would see the UK as a more attractive investment proposition.

“Despite falling behind schedule, the UK has made significant strides, with substantial investments creating a sophisticated infrastructure, unique manufacturing capabilities, and a supply chain poised for delivery.”

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