UK neurosurgery team slashes emissions by 80%

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Southmead Hospital’s Neurosurgery team, along with North Bristol NHS Trust (NBT), initiated a Green Operating Day to address climate change in healthcare, aiming to reduce carbon dioxide emissions linked to surgical procedures.

The effort aligns with the NHS’s goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions and reducing its environmental impact.

Through various measures like minimising single-use items and optimising energy usage, the team reduced emissions by 77%.

The project involved collaboration between different departments.

The team’s objectives were met through a series of initiatives.

Staff were encouraged to adopt sustainable travel and adhere to a plant-based diet while on duty.

Suppliers were engaged to transport equipment over 100 miles by bicycle, minimising emissions.

Single-use equipment was reduced, with a shift towards reusable alternatives.

Energy conservation measures were implemented in theatres, including turning off lights and avoiding unnecessary water usage.

Lower carbon surgical anaesthesia options were explored.

Furthermore, technology was utilised for remote patient follow-up and device programming, reducing the need for travel.

Staff feedback highlighted the positive impact on efficiency and patient care. Collaboration with partners like Abbott further contributed to the project’s success.

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