UK invests £1.5m in battery developers

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Innovate UK’s Faraday Battery Challenge (FBC) has allocated £1.5 million to support battery developers in the UK, facilitating innovative projects in battery manufacturing, demonstration, scale-up and recycling.

The recipients, announced at the Battery Cells and Systems Expo in Birmingham, will have the opportunity to scale up their initiatives at the UK Battery Industrialisation Centre (UKBIC).

The funded projects span cylindrical and pouch cell technologies, introducing advanced Lithium Titanate Oxide (LTO) battery technology and a novel Cathode Active Material (CAM) to the UK for the first time.

This investment is part of the £610 million FBC initiative, aiming to advance battery research and innovation from laboratory development to industrial production.

Among the winning companies are Altilium, Nyobolt, Snapfast, and Volklec, each undertaking projects ranging from sustainable battery manufacturing to ultra-fast charging technology.

Tony Harper, Challenge Director for the FBC said: “For the UK to fully prosper from the transition to electrification, we need to bring a range of battery technology through to industrial scale.

“These projects represent a great combination of outstanding home-grown solutions and the selective commercialisation of technology and materials from overseas where it benefits the UK.”

Sean Gilgunn, Managing Director, UKBIC, added: “A facility with capabilities which are constantly evolving, UKBIC is installing a new line to help bridge the gap between our existing scale-up line and kilogramme scale demonstrator lines already available elsewhere.”

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