UK electricity bills highest in Europe

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UK households are paying higher electricity prices than any other country in the EU, with government figures showing that in the second half of last year, British homes paid 36p per unit of electricity.

In contrast, gas prices in the UK were the ninth lowest among the 27 EU countries, at just 8p per unit.

Historically, the UK has had average electricity prices compared to other EU countries.

However, data dating back to 1998, including taxes and levies, indicates that this is the first time UK households have faced the highest electricity prices in the EU.

The figures pertain to medium energy consumers.

During the first half of 2023, electricity prices in the Netherlands and Belgium were higher than in the UK.

By the second half, the UK had the highest electricity cost at 36p per unit, followed by Germany at 35p.

Experts have raised concerns that the high cost of electricity compared to gas is discouraging consumers from adopting cleaner technologies, such as replacing gas boilers with heat pumps.

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