UK delays massive solar farm decision for fourth time

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The UK Government has delayed its decision on the Sunnica Energy Farm until June 20, extending the deadline for determining the development consent order (DCO) for the proposed solar farm.

Energy Security and Net-Zero Secretary Clare Coutinho announced the decision, marking the fourth postponement for the project.

Originally scheduled for a decision in September, the 2,500-acre solar farm, located near Newmarket, has been under scrutiny from local MPs, including Lucy Frazer, Secretary of State for Digital and Culture.

The Sunnica Energy Farm project, covering an area roughly equivalent to about 2,000 football pitches, has been reviewed under the National Significant Infrastructure process due to its considerable size.

A spokesperson for Sunnica said: “The UK needs to double the amount of renewable energy it generates by 2050.

“Sunnica would make a significant contribution to this goal.”

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