UK considers first advanced nuclear design in a decade

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The Nuclear Industry Association has submitted a proposal for regulatory consideration of newcleo’s lead-cooled fast reactor, marking the first application for justification of advanced nuclear technology in the UK.

Justification is a regulatory process mandating a government decision before introducing any new class or type of practice involving ionising radiation in the UK.

It’s a crucial step for new nuclear technology operation, providing a high-level evaluation of potential benefits and detriments as a precursor to future regulatory procedures, rather than granting a specific project permit or license.

Tom Greatrex, Chief Executive of the Nuclear Industry Association, said: “Advanced reactors like newcleo’s lead-cooled fast reactor design have enormous potential to support the UK’s energy security and net zero transition, so we were delighted to apply for this decision.

“This is an opportunity for the UK Government to demonstrate that it backs advanced nuclear technologies to support a robust clean power mix and to reinvigorate the UK’s proud tradition of nuclear innovation.”

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