The Big Zero Show kicks off

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The Big Zero Show commenced today at the Coventry Building Society Arena, marking the beginning of two days packed with actionable insights, strategic solutions and unparalleled networking opportunities aimed at accelerating the net zero movement for both businesses and individuals.

The event’s first day is dedicated to empowering businesses to cut carbon, reduce costs and navigate the evolving landscape, while the second day will focus on personal and professional development in the net zero era.

Day one features a series of Big Zero Lectures, short TED-talk style sessions designed to inspire and challenge attendees.

The headline speaker for this year’s event is the Rt Hon Chris Skidmore OBE, known for writing net zero into law and authoring the Mission Zero report.

Sumit Bose, Founder of future net zero, said: “This is our third Big Zero Show and the most pertinent in terms of timing. In just two days, there will be a General Election and there is a choice facing us, however, when it comes to net zero, the overwhelming consensus is positive.

“All three major parties are committed to net zero. Phew! How and when and what levers to be pulled, differ, as do timescales and funding models. But there is no doubt it is the aim of all parties to get the UK cutting emissions.

“Today, our first day of the show, looks at what has been achieved since 2019 when the target was officially written into law. The man who did that, Chris Skidmore is headlining our Big Zero Lectures and will give a retrospective on where we are.

“Many things have hampered the progress, the pandemic, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the energy price crisis and of course some would say, political decisions. However, think how much has changed in these past five years?

“Wind power is now the principal energy source. People have heard of smart meters and EVs and everyone knows the phrase Climate Change. We have done well, of course, we could do more but ask the person in the street what net zero means and I reckon more than 50% know something about it.

“Today we will look at how business has help spread that message, what it is doing and lessons to be learned from peers and technology, to drive our greener future. And I believe the progress is set to continue over the next five years, maybe even faster!”

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