Temperature Monitoring System Offers Advanced Automation, Data-Driven Decision Capabilities

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Tel-Tru Manufacturing Company (Rochester, NY) announced the Remo-Tel Smart Wireless Temperature Monitoring System with advanced automation and data-driven decision capabilities. The system is designed to streamline temperature data logging for a broad range of industrial applications. 


  • Real-Time Alerts: Receive automated temperature notifications via phone, text or email, facilitating data-driven decision-making and predictive analysis
  • Cloud Integration: Temperature readings automatically upload to cloud with precise date and time stamps, providing secure and accessible data repository
  • Remote Data Access: Use intuitive dashboard to effortlessly view and download temperature data 24/7 for regulatory reporting and in-depth analysis, promoting compliance and operational efficiency
  • User-Friendly Installation: Install quickly and easily without need for complex software packages, minimizing downtime during implementation
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Improved efficiency leads to significant reductions in labor hours, mitigating risk of loss due to nonconforming products and contributing to overall cost-effectiveness
  • Cellular-Based System: Operate without reliance on network connection, minimizing cyber risks and ensuring flexibility in monitoring industrial processes
  • Built-In Battery Backup: Ensure continuous operation even during power outages, with built-in battery backup that sends alerts when power is lost and remains operational for up to 48 hours
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