Stainless Steel Shaft Collars with Application-Specific Modifications

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Stafford Manufacturing (Wilmington, MA) has introduced custom machined stainless steel, Inconel, and Hastelloy shaft collars with application-specific modifications.

The collars are available in set-screw, 1-pc, 2-pc, and hinged styles in sizes up to 12” I.D. with customer specified modifications such as internal threads, keyways, flanges with predrilled holes, and knurling.

Suitable for a wide range of applications, they can be made from 303, 304, 316 stainless, Inconel, and Hasetelloy.

Ideal for use in chemical, food processing, energy, medical, and water treatment machinery and conveying equipment, Stafford Custom Large Stainless Steel Shaft Collars can include face modifications such as holes, slots, hubs, and O-ring grooves and modified outside diameters can include cam surfaces, flats, holes, notches, and pulley grooves.

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