Siemens Unveils Breakthrough in Automation Technology with New SIMATIC Workstation

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Siemens announced the “SIMATIC Automation Workstation,” which allows manufacturers to replace a hardware PLC, a conventional HMI and an edge device with a single, software-based workstation. This ushers in Internet Technology (IT) workflows to Operational Technology (OT) environments.

Every Siemens SIMATIC Workstation can be viewed and managed from a central point. Since programming, updates and patches can be deployed to the entire fleet in parallel, the shop floor remains in synch. One example of the value this brings occurs when a facility needs to ramp up or down quickly in response to fluctuating demand. The manufacturer is no longer tied to boxes on the floor and can quickly deploy programming adapted to the current demand scenario.

The Siemens SIMATIC Workstation is an on-premise OT device that utilizes Siemens industrial edge technology to allow for high data throughput with the low latency needed to allow manufacturers to run an expanded variety of modular applications. This applies not only to traditional automation tasks like motion control, sequencing and safety, but it becomes the platform for future, novel automation tasks that incorporate industrial AI-in-the-control-loop, such as visual inspection and robotic grasping and placing.

The initial deployment of SIMATIC Workstations will be deployed across a number of Ford Motor Company’s manufacturing facilities.

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