Security Breach: The Hacks!

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In addition to speaking with cybersecurity experts from around the world for this podcast, I’ve also been able to do a fair amount of reporting on our websites regarding several high-profile industrial attacks. So, I felt like it could be interesting to present some of these articles via the Security Breach podcast in helping further the conversation around tactics and lessons learned.

So sit back and watch or listen as I dive into some of the most notorious attacks to hit the industrial community over the last six months.

  • The first hack I’d like to cover is one that we’ve referenced several times here on the podcast – the  Cyber Av3ngers Unitronics PLC hack.
  • The second attack I’m going to discuss involves a large player that those involved with industrial networking will immediately recognize – the Dark Angels penetration of Johnson Controls. This hack serves as a strong example of how a growing number of OT attacks can originate within IT systems or assets.
  • We’ll also take a look at another familiar company within the ICS community, and how they responded to a double-extortion ransomware attack from the Cactus RaaS group.
  • Finally, we take a deep dive into another Dark Angels attack. This time the victim was Nexperia, a leading manufacturer of silicon-based processors based in The Netherlands, and a subsidiary of China-based Wingtech Technology.

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To download our latest report on industrial cybersecurity,  The Industrial Sector’s New Battlefield, click here.

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