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Scotland-based independent energy company GreenPower has received planning approval for its Argyll Hydrogen Hub, a significant step towards establishing a hydrogen production and distribution centre in Oban, Argyll and Bute.

The hub, to be situated at the Glenshellach Industrial Estate, aims to utilise renewable energy sources to produce hydrogen through the process of electrolysis.

The proposed Argyll Hydrogen Hub holds the promise of facilitating the shift to zero-carbon fuels across various sectors, including transportation, industrial processes and heating.

Paul Minto, Director of Green Hydrogen at GreenPower, said: “Green hydrogen is an important zero carbon fuel that can help meet climate obligations while delivering sustainable fuel for a wide range of purposes.

“In Argyll, there are several sectors currently dependent on fossil fuels where fuel-switching could radically reduce carbon emissions and where jobs can be created through local production and use of green hydrogen.”

Rob Forrest, GreenPower Chief Executive Officer said: “We can see a future where all heavy road transport and shipping is powered by green hydrogen and where any industry using heating oils or gas can switch fuels to run on environmentally friendly green hydrogen.”

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