‘Scotland’s green economy potential at risk without nuclear investment’

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Scotland‘s potential for green economy investment is being jeopardised by its reluctance to invest in new nuclear projects, according to the Nuclear Industry Association (NIA).

The NIA’s analysis of the economic impact of the UK’s next new nuclear power station underscores the missed opportunities for Scotland.

The report highlights the economic benefits of projects like Hinkley Point C, with £5.3 billion spent locally and thousands trained in specialised skills.

However, Scotland’s opposition to new nuclear power risks losing out on critical skills, future jobs, and substantial investment, despite its history of benefiting from nuclear power, according to the report.

The NIA emphasises the need for a diversified energy mix and urges Scotland to reconsider its stance to secure economic growth and job opportunities.

Tom Greatrex, Chief Executive of the NIA, said: “Scotland was never going to meet its emissions targets without nuclear.

“The progress it has made with renewables has been eaten up replacing retiring nuclear capacity instead of investing in a mix of clean energy sources like France, Sweden and Finland are doing with significant reductions in grid emissions.

“Scotland is also missing out on good jobs and billions of pounds of extra investment because the Scottish Government has set its face against the facts and the science.”

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