S-Family Robots Grant Improved Access to Small Spaces

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Comau (Grugliasco, Torino) announced its new S-Family of robots at Automate 2024. The first two high-speed robots, with payloads of 13 kilograms and up to 18 kilograms, are expressly indicated for assembly, arc welding and handling applications.


  • Compact, robust and versatile robots that can access small spaces and tight areas
  • 6-axis
  • Electrical and auxiliary cabling that runs inside wrist, allowing robots greater agility while minimizing the risk of damage
  • Fully integrated arc and gigabit dressings
  • Ideal for automating welding, handling, foundry, automotive and battery manufacturing, food and beverage and general assembly applications
  • Able to be mounted on floor, wall or ceiling
  • 1700 mm reach and repeatability of ±0,03 mm
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