Rogers Machinery Celebrates 75 Years

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Rogers Machinery Company, a pioneer in compressor and vacuum system manufacturing, recently celebrated its 75th anniversary.

Founded in 1949 by WWII veterans Ned Rogers and Walter M. Novak, who served together aboard the U.S.S. Reno, Rogers Machinery emerged from the post-war era with a shared vision to establish a world-class compressor system manufacturing facility.

Current president and CEO, Andrew Ragen, proudly follows in the footsteps of his grandfather, Walter Novak, upholding the values and principles that have been the cornerstone of Rogers Machinery since its inception.

“Our 75th anniversary is a momentous occasion for all of us at Rogers Machinery. It is a celebration of our rich history, unwavering commitment, and the trust we have built with our customers over the years,” Ragen said in a statement.

Rogers Machinery Company manufactures oil-free and oil lubricated compressor lines and offers products and services from the most recognized names within the compressed air, vacuum, blower, and pumping industries. The diversity allows the company to tailor solutions for any industry or application, ensuring that customers receive the most efficient system and support to meet their specific needs.

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