Revolutionizing Industrial Torque Reaction Solutions with Carbon Fiber

By Staff
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GCI Engineered Solutions (Garfield, MN) announced its carbon fiber torque tube. The lightweight composite solution weighs approximately one-third of its steel counterparts. 

Two key tests were undertaken in the design process: a durability test to examine fatigue and a max load test to determine the torque tube’s breaking point. The durability test involved running the tube through 100,000 vertical torque cycles, 50,000 horizontal torque cycles and 50,000 cycles with a 30-pound offset load. For the max load test, the applied load of a torque tool was continuously increased until the point of failure was reached.


  • Ideal for low torque application (< 200NM) and applications that require torque tools to reach broad areas
  • Compatible with overhead bridge and jib crane systems
  • Improves safety and ergonomics of repetitive processes
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