Queen Mary Uni turns data centre heat into hot water

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Queen Mary University of London has announced a refurbishment project for the Joseph Priestley Building.

The project will capture waste heat from the university’s Tier2 computing facility and convert it into hot water.

This water will be integrated into the campus district heating system.

The initiative will reduce the university’s dependence on gas boilers, which are traditionally used for heating.

The system will generate hot water reaching temperatures of up to 75°C, suitable for existing plumbing and heating systems.

Queen Mary President and Principal Colin Bailey said: “By harnessing waste heat and minimising our carbon footprint, we are setting an example for others to follow.

“We believe this approach can be a cornerstone for sustainable data centre operations in the future.”

Professor Jonathan Hays, head of Particle Physics Research Centre said: “By capturing waste heat, we can significantly decrease our dependence on gas boilers, resulting in measurable cuts to carbon dioxide emissions.”

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