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Now it’s great when you the audience get in touch to tell your net hero story.

That’s exactly what Robert Johnson, of Arigna Fuels did and what a tale he has to tell. It’s all about solid fuels especially for the rural market in Ireland, where Arigna is based.

Being very open and honest, he explained how they were still selling coal but trying to clean up their solid fuel offering, by moving into something called biochar – a biomass based brickquette which burns almost as well.

In rural Ireland, they have thousands of customers using solid fuels who have no other option and cannot afford to replace their burners with solar panels or heat pumps. But Robert is leading work to try and offer a cleaner fuel with a much lower carbon footprint and fewer emissions.

So is this a waste of energy and resources as we all know we shouldn’t be burning stuff? Or is it the right approach to help those who cannot afford to change infrastructure, clean up their emissions?

I admire what they are doing and think it’s based on pragmatism and reality, what’s your view? Listen in, comment and follow us on social media. And like Robert if you want to feature on the podcast drop me a line.

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