‘Nearly £500 wasted annually on bills due to poor insulation’

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A recent study conducted by EDF, in collaboration with property data platform Sprift, has shed light on a concerning trend in the UK housing market.

The research, analysing 25 million homes, indicates that nearly 55% only meet insulation standards established in 1976 or earlier.

Consequently, these homes are losing substantial amounts of heat through inadequate wall cavity, loft, and floor insulation, as well as outdated double glazing.

Moreover, the study found that the percentage of properties with insulation dating from 2002 or later has more than doubled since 2022, rising from 8% to 18% by 2024.

Nearly 41% of homes have been upgraded to meet the insulation standards set in the 1970s, according to the study.

According to the research, the average semi-detached homeowner could save up to £235 annually by upgrading cavity walls and an additional £225 through better loft insulation.

Furthermore, bills could be reduced by as much as £315 per year with solid wall insulation upgrades.

In a survey of 2,000 homeowners or renters, it was found that only one in five have made updates to their properties since 2022.

Philippe Commaret, Managing Director for customers at EDF, said: “It’s clear from this research that, despite the energy crisis, little progress has been made in improving the energy efficiency of older British homes in the past two years – meaning millions of homeowners are missing out on significant savings on their energy bills.”

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