MSPs urged to tackle Scotland’s cold homes crisis

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Members of the Scottish Parliament have received a call to action this week, urging them to set aside political differences and collaborate in addressing the pressing issue of fuel poverty.

In a letter sent to all MSPs on Monday, leading civil society organisations coordinated by the End Fuel Poverty Coalition and Energy Action Scotland underscored the urgent need to combat the cold homes crisis affecting over 400,000 Scots.

The letter emphasises that the crisis is particularly severe among the most vulnerable populations and cites research revealing that 69% of Scottish social workers have witnessed individuals living in cold damp homes.

Campaigners have outlined six key demands for MSPs to address the cold homes crisis effectively.

These include the implementation of a Heat in Buildings Bill with robust measures to enhance energy efficiency and insulation, support for tenants‘ rights through the current Housing Bill, and additional government assistance to help households cope with the cost of living crisis.

Furthermore, campaigners advocate for the reintroduction of the Fuel Insecurity Fund and the implementation of a better-targeted Pension Age Winter Heating Payment.

Simon Francis, coordinator of the End Fuel Poverty Coalition, commented: “Any further delays to boosting energy efficiency plans, protecting tenants rights and organising financial support for the most vulnerable will hit households hard.”

Warm This Winter spokesperson Fiona Waters, added: “What voters really care about is the cost of living crisis driven by high energy bills that is still putting unbearable pressure on millions of households around the country.

“We need governments in each nation who will prioritise fixing our broken energy system by getting us off expensive oil and gas and onto cheap, homegrown renewables and by properly insulating our leaky housing stock to bring down bills for good.”

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