Mini Motor Features Illuminated Enclosure

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The new Desco Mini Monitor is the newest generation of electrostatic discharge (ESD) continuous monitor. It uses a unique illuminated enclosure to indicate the status of the operator and work surface. Green indicates proper grounding of the operator and work surface, red indicates a failure, and blue indicates when the operator port is vacant. Other new features include the ParkSnap, mat monitor disablement, magnetic mounting accessory, and audible alarm volume adjustment. 

The Mini Monitor uses Wave Distortion Technology to provide stable continuous monitoring of the path-to-ground and presence of 1 megohm resistance of an operator’s wrist strap. Audio and visual alarms activate (in less than 50 milliseconds) when the operator unintentionally disconnects from the monitor, or the wrist strap connection points are intermittent.

The Mini Monitor also monitors for a work surface path-to-ground of less than 10 megohms.

All Mini Monitors are manufactured in the United States of America and calibrated to NIST standards.

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