Mental health issues affecting one in four automotive industry workers

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More than a quarter of automotive workers (27%) are experiencing issues managing their mental health, according to the latest annual wellbeing report from Ben.

The automotive industry charity has revealed the results of its seventh Annual Health & Wellbeing survey, which coincides with Mental Health Awareness Week.

This is compared to 16% of UK workers who said they have issues managing their mental health, showing it’s a bigger issue for people working in the automotive industry.

The survey also found that an overwhelming 99.6% of automotive people have been affected by a health and wellbeing issue over the previous 12 months.

Stress remains the most common health & wellbeing issue that automotive employees face, at 56%, followed by poor sleep (51%), feelings of anxiety (43%) and low mood (41%).

The results clearly show that mental health issues are the most prominent of the top 10 issues and affect a number of people in the automotive industry.

Furthermore, a total of seven in 10 respondents said they worry about money and these people are more likely to experience feelings of anxiety, low mood and depression.

The number of people worrying about money has increased from the year before (six in 10), which is most likely caused by cost-of-living pressures.

Year on year, debt has increased by 3% (19% to 22%), being unable to budget has increased by 12% (14% to 26%), being unable to save has increased by 5% (31% to 36%) and skipping meals has increased by 6% (10% to 16%). 

The survey also revealed that one in 7 automotive workers are considering leaving the industry and that pay is the biggest motivator for this (29%).

A total of 87% of those considering leaving the industry have had financial issues and 63% are experiencing stress at work.

This was Ben’s biggest survey to date with a record 1,872 automotive employee respondents of all UK regions, ages, gender and working environments.

The survey is in its seventh year and aims to uncover the key health and wellbeing issues currently affecting the automotive industry workforce so Ben can continue to provide relevant support now and in the future.

Rachel Clift, health & wellbeing director at Ben, said: “Our annual surveys are the ideal opportunity to hear from our automotive family so we can fully understand their struggles and then provide the support they need. We also take it as an opportunity to share these insights with employers and our industry stakeholders so we can all do more to support automotive people and their families.

“Mental health issues are affecting one in four of our automotive family and we can see that money worries are contributing to this.

“More people are struggling with cost-of-living pressures, with issues such as skipping meals and debt on the rise. Of course, this is likely to have an impact on their overall health and wellbeing, including both their physical and mental health.

“On the back of these results, we want to make sure that everyone who works, or has worked, in the automotive industry knows we’re there for them, so please get in touch if you’re struggling by visiting We’re here for employers too and you can read about how Ben can support your business and the health and wellbeing of your employees in the report, or by visiting”

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