Massive Welsh carbon capture plan unveiled

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enfinium, a UK energy from waste operator, plans to invest £200 million in carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology at the Parc Adfer energy from waste facility in Deeside, North Wales.

This move aims to capture up to 235,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually, aligning with the nation’s net zero targets.

The facility, operational since 2019 in partnership with local authorities, diverts significant unrecyclable waste from landfills, with the introduction of CCS technology potentially enabling it to achieve “carbon-negative” status.

Mike Maudsley, Chief Executive Officer of enfinium, said: “To deliver a net zero carbon economy, Wales needs to find a way to produce carbon removals, or negative emissions, at scale.

“Installing carbon capture at the Parc Adfer facility would transform it into the largest generator of carbon negative power in Wales, decarbonise unrecyclable waste and support the green economy in Deeside and wider North Wales region.”

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