LG Energy Solution to Supply LFP EV Batteries to Renault’s Ampere

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LG Energy today announced that it will supply LFP pouch-type EV batteries to Ampere, the EV pure player born from Renault Group, its long-time customer.

The two companies signed the supply agreement at Renault’s Paris headquarters in France on July 1.

Under the five-year contract, LG Energy Solution will provide LFP batteries to Ampere from late 2025 through 2030, with a total capacity of approximately 39GWh, enough amount to produce around 590,000 battery electric vehicles.

The batteries will be manufactured in LG Energy Solution’s Poland facility, and will power next-generation EV models from Ampere.

  • LG Energy Solution’s LFP competitiveness acknowledged in Europe, a fierce battlefield for EVs

It’s the company’s first large-scale supply deal of LFP EV batteries whose market has been dominated by non-Korean manufacturers. The deal also bears significance particularly in Europe which is one of the three largest markets for EVs.

LFP batteries use iron and phosphate, which are less expensive than the materials used in NCM batteries, and have a stable chemical structure, ensuring competitiveness in terms of cost and safety.

The demand for affordable entry-level EVs is growing, raising the demand for LFP batteries as well.

  • The world’s first CTP solution-applied pouch-type batteries, ensuring enhanced cost competitiveness and safety

LG Energy Solution is delivering further price competitiveness by implementing CTP (Cell To Pack) solutions in the manufacturing process. CTP technology refers to a technology that removes the module stage and makes the cell into a pack structure right away. Compared to the general battery structure, the module-free advantage enables cost and weight reduction, while increasing space utilization.

Because of these advantages, CTP is considered a cutting-edge technology in the EV battery market, and LG Energy Solution is the first in the world to apply the technology to pouch-type batteries.

LG Energy Solution’s CTP solution-applied pouch-type batteries have about five per cent higher energy density per weight compared to the prismatic CTP technology batteries, offering higher energy efficiency for EVs.

LG Energy Solution will also enhance the safety of the batteries by increasing the toughness of the battery pack and applying proven heat transfer prevention technology.

  • Delivering differentiated customer value through powerful product portfolio of pouch-type batteries

With the latest supply deal, LG Energy Solution has further expanded its product portfolio in pouch-type batteries encompassing various chemistries such as high-nickel NCMA, high-voltage mid-nickel NCM, and LFP. Such wide range of products can serve various consumer needs from premium EVs to more affordable entry-level segment vehicles.

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