Kaman Displacement Sensors for Extreme Environments

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Middletown, CT – The Measuring Division of Kaman Precision Products, Inc., the world leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance position measurement systems, highlights the availability of high precision displacement sensors for extreme environments such as power generation including nuclear and aerospace propulsion, materials research and development, with operating temperatures from -320°F to +1000°F (+1200°F short term) at pressures up to 5000 psi.

Originally designed for NASA and the nuclear power industry, these sensors provide non contacting measurement of conductive surface motion with unsurpassed accuracy and reliability under the most hostile operating conditions.

Kaman’s sensors are made with hermetically sealed, laser-welded Inconel housings and use metal jacketed, mineral-insulated cable to stand up to high temperature, high pressure, vibration and environmental contaminants.

Three displacement measuring systems are available, all able to operate at high temperatures. KD-1925 withstands pressures up to 5000 psi; and KD-1950 and KD-1975 withstands pressure up to 3500 psi.

The sensors use the versatile KDM-8206 signal conditioning electronics. Single channel systems are available in the NEMA-enclosures or bench-top/ rack-mountable Eurocards. The NEMA enclosure houses an internal power supply, digital panel meter and window kit. Up to twelve measuring channels are available in the rack-mountable KDM-8206.

For more information about the High Precision Displacement Sensors for Extreme Environments, visit https://www.kamansensors.com/product-category/extreme-environment/ or to learn about Kaman Measuring products, visit http://www.kamansensors.com.

About Kaman Precision Products Measurement Division
Kaman Precision Products Measurement Division is a worldwide leader in the design and production of high-performance, precision non-contact position measuring systems using inductive, Eddy current technology. Recognizing that each customer has specific individual requirements, Kaman consults with customers to help choose the best sensor, conditioning electronics, and calibration for each application.  With more than 40 years of experience, our advanced family of high-precision position sensors is used in hundreds of applications in aerospace, automotive, energy, metals production, metalworking industries, and many others.

Part of Kaman Corporation of Bloomfield, Connecticut, we design and manufacture our products at a state of the art production facility that meets AS9100/B and ISO 9001:2000 quality management system requirements.

For more information call 800-552-6267, email [email protected] or go to www.kamansensors.com

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