Juxtum Announces New Solution That Helps Manufacturers Optimize Industrial Assets, Processes

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Juxtum, a Cincinnati-based software and service provider that helps manufacturers optimize their industrial assets and processes, unveiled its latest breakthrough solution: Juxtum View. This integrated solution sets a new standard for seamless integration across manufacturing assets, providing real-time insights to all employees within an organization.

Juxtum View is designed to empower businesses with a comprehensive visualization solution engineered for the demands of modern manufacturing. Leveraging MTConnect Adapter and Agent technology, Juxtum View offers a visually intuitive platform that simplifies connectivity, enabling customers to connect assets. Once the data is collected, it will work with Juxtum’s visualization solution, Juxtum View, enabling users to effortlessly collect crucial data, fostering informed decision-making at every level. The tight integration for the two solutions, users can realize the benefits with minimal time and interruption to operations.

Key features of Juxtum View include:

  • MTConnect Adapter and Agent: Technology ensures connectivity and data collection from diverse manufacturing assets
  • Visual Management: Visualization tools provide a holistic view of asset connections, facilitating quick and informed decision-making
  • Tight Integration: Integrates with existing Juxtum solutions, minimizing disruption and maximizing efficiency
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