IP-Rated Plastic Enclosures

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Industrial electronic enclosures manufacturer ROLEC now offers two premium ranges of IP-rated plastic housings – technoPLUS and technoDISC.

Pole-mountable technoPLUS is ideal for outdoor locations, IIoT, measurement and hubs, while technoDISC is perfect for instrumentation, measurement and marine electronics. (Its distinctive round styling suits settings such as pipework.)

Both ranges offer ‘lid closed’ installation to protect the seal and electronics in harsh environments. The lid is recessed to accommodate a membrane keypad, front plate or product label.

Versatile technoPLUS (IP 66, IP 67, IP 69K) can be mounted horizontally or vertically on a pole/mast using an attachment (accessory). Retaining supports hold the lid in place when it is open. Inside, there are screw bosses for fitting PCBs, mounting plates and terminal rails.

Stylish technoDISC (IP 66, IP 67) is based on a wristwatch shape. Long, curved sides complement the round central operating area, with two short flat sides for cable glands. Inside there are screw pillars in the base and lid for PCBs, mounting plates and assemblies. Lid retaining straps are available as accessories.

The two enclosures are molded from UV-stable plastics: ASA (UL 94 HB) for technoPLUS, and a robust ASA+PC (UL 94 V-0) blend for technoDISC. The standard color for each enclosure is light gray (similar to RAL 7035) with anthracite (RAL 7016) covers to hide the screws.

ROLEC offers technoPLUS in five sizes (3.54“ x 5.12“ x 2.76“ to 6.69“ x 10.63“ x 3.54“) and technoDISC in four sizes (3.82“ x 4.33“ x 2.17“ to 7.05“ x 7.48“ x 3.54“).

Mounting plates and cable glands are available as accessories for both ranges. There are also supporting rails for technoPLUS. 

ROLEC can supply both models fully customized with CNC machining, custom colors, printing/engraving of legends and logos, RFI/EMI shielding and assembly.

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