Hydrogen sector set to create 64,000 British jobs by 2030

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A recent study conducted by Hydrogen UK suggests that the UK’s hydrogen sector could support 64,000 jobs and generate over £7 billion in gross value added (GVA) annually by 2030.

This represents an increase compared to 2021 predictions, indicating the sector’s rapid expansion in addressing decarbonisation challenges.

The study highlights the UK’s potential to become a hydrogen production hub, with the production sector expected to create 8,500 direct jobs by 2030 and contribute £2.9 billion in GVA per year by the same year.

The study, drawing on insights from over 100 member organisations, provides a revised Economic Impact Assessment for the hydrogen sector up to 2030, emphasising the potential for widespread economic benefits across the UK, including regions such as Scotland and Tees Valley.

Additionally, the report highlights the opportunity for transitioning oil and gas jobs to sustainable, low carbon alternatives.

Jamie Mitchell, Hydrogen UK’s lead analyst on the report, said: “The period to 2030 will be a critical time for the UK to seize the economic opportunity presented by low carbon hydrogen sector.

“For the benefits outlined in our study to be realised, government and industry must continue to collaborate and make progress in the deployment of novel low carbon hydrogen projects.”

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