How Luscombe’s won the AM Award for EV Dealership of the Year

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Leeds MG dealership Luscombe’s scooped the trophy for EV Dealership of the Year at the 2024 AM Awards, in a closely fought head-to-head contest with another of the UK’s best electric vehicle dealerships.

Luscombe’s Leeds has emerged as a retailing trailblazer, earning the prestigious title of EV Dealership of the Year as a testament to its remarkable performance recently, marked by substantial growth in turnover and profit.

At the heart of its success lies a strategic approach to selling EVs, characterised by astute consumer education and a profound understanding of the nuances within the EV market.

Central to Luscombe’s triumph is its meticulously crafted EV sales strategy which places a strong emphasis on customer education, recognising the pivotal role it plays in dispelling misconceptions and addressing concerns surrounding EV ownership.

By equipping consumers with comprehensive information on EVs, including insights into its benefits and operation, the dealership has successfully navigated the complexities of the EV market.

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