Fossil fuel share in British electricity dips to 2.4%

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The share of electricity generated from fossil fuels in British electricity fell to 2.4%, a significant decrease from previous levels.

That’s according to recent analysis by Carbon Brief, which suggests this change was observed during 75 half-hour periods in 2024, where fossil fuels contributed less than 5% to meet electricity demand.

Craig Dyke, Director of System Operations at National Grid Electricity System Operator, expressed confidence in achieving the target of operating the grid without fossil fuels by 2025, considering the specific challenges of the British island grid.

In 2009, fossil fuels accounted for approximately 74% of electricity generation in Britain, while renewables comprised only about 2%.

However, by 2023, the picture had shifted significantly.

During that year, renewable energy sources, including several thousand large renewable sites and nearly 1.5 million small solar installations, played a much larger role in the energy mix.

Fossil fuels contributed to only about a third of electricity generation in 2023, while renewables made up approximately 40%.

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