FLIR Unveils A6301 Cooled Automation Camera for Process Control, Monitoring, Quality Assurance

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FLIR, a Teledyne Technologies company, announced the FLIR A6301, a cooled-core longwave thermal imaging camera designed for 24/7 inspection and automation applications aimed at making production lines more efficient and improving product quality.

This advanced automation thermal camera can serve as a component in process control, monitoring and quality assurance to improve yield, throughput time, costs and quality for a wide range of industries, including machine building, integration, automotive and factory floor production of EV batteries, food, beverages, pulp and paper.


  • Ability to detect small thermal variations and accurately measure temperatures on moving products
  • 27,000-hour-life linear cooler using hot mid-wave infrared (MWIR) detector, allowing for around-the-clock automated monitoring for more than three years
  • Camera interfaces, commands and connectors purpose-built for automation-related use cases
  • Smallest commercial-cooled camera platform ever built by FLIR
  • Ability to be integrated with additional smart sensors within broader automation system, advanced machine learning and deep learning methods
  • Reduced direct labor cost in production from automated quality assurance
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