ETG and HSX Steels Enable High-Performance Applications, Help to Save Costs

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Swiss Steel Group (SSG) (Lucerne, Switzerland) announced the steel grades of the ETG and HSX family, which enable high-performance applications and help to save costs. The ETG and HSX steels, produced by SSG subsidiary Steeltec, reduce machining times while extending tool life.


  • Does not require operations such as quenching and tempering and subsequent operations such as straightening, grinding and deburring, as desired mechanical properties are already available as supplied
  • Reduces logistics costs and additional costs
  • Available in Green Steel quality
  • High tensile strengths and yield strengths that are in range of quenched and tempered steels
  • Enable high cutting speeds
  • Low residual stresses
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Short-breaking chips
  • Additional heat treatment not necessary
  • Machinability with high strengths
  • Shorter cycle times in part production
  • Longer tool life is longer
  • Minimal scrap after machining

HSXSwiss Steel Group (SSG)

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