Energy UK urges lower retail energy costs

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Energy UK has put forth recommendations for the new UK Government, emphasising collaboration to achieve the country’s clean energy goals.

The initiative, titled “Mission Possible: Steps to Make Britain a Clean Energy Superpower,” underscores the energy sector’s pivotal role in advancing technological innovation and emission reductions.

Acknowledging the Government’s commitment to these objectives, Energy UK highlights the necessity for swift action to dismantle regulatory barriers and provide strategic direction for investments in renewable energy projects.

Key priorities include refining the Contracts for Difference (CfD) scheme to support large scale renewable projects by 2030, addressing infrastructure challenges and promoting domestic energy sources to lower consumer costs.

Energy UK has issued a call to the government to implement measures aimed at reducing energy costs for households and businesses, emphasising the importance of achieving affordability through a sustainable retail energy market.

The proposal stresses the need for targeted support for vulnerable consumers while exploring avenues to lower energy expenses for all households.

The plan also advocates for reforms to enhance energy efficiency in homes and transportation, aiming to deliver widespread societal benefits.

Energy UK’s Chief Executive Emma Pinchbeck said: “As we’ve set out today, there are many actions the government can take in the first months of the new Parliament, and the sooner we get cracking, the sooner we reap the rewards.

“The Chancellor’s speech yesterday included some welcome first steps on planning reform. At a time of fierce global competition for green investment, clear commitment and decisive action from the government will help our industry to deliver on the aim of becoming a clean energy superpower.

“The government needs to communicate the challenges and choices ahead in energy honestly and clearly to the public – but rapid delivery of the benefits of a clean energy system is the best way to demonstrate the prize on offer.

“We also need to look at how we can help make bills more affordable for all customers – especially after a tough few years caused by the international gas crisis – and underline that fairness in how costs and benefits are distributed will be the guiding principle for the energy mission.”

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